U.S Tours

U.S Tours

The most meaningful accomplishments are never made alone. From the history books to the homefront, greatness only happens when individuals find their rhythm together and play as one.

With Team Legacy you will be part of an incredibly exclusive community, have access to some of the best resources on the planet, as well as the blueprint for success. From strategy, recruitment support, development, to the mental game you get it all with the Team Legacy Tours whilst competing against the best U.S travel teams, touring college campuses, attending MLB games and being completely immersed by the best of the best.

It’s about giving you the ongoing tools, support, and environment you need to be continually at your best. Whether you’re in the Major Leagues, College or Professional ranks, representing your county, state or representative side. What you will find is the continual evolution of being our best never ends and these 10 days are the rocket fuel you need to propel you towards your dreams!


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