Legacy unleashed tournament


“Unleash (verb) To begin something powerful that, once begun, cannot be controlled.” Legacy Unleashed is about helping young athletes step beyond fear or limiting belief and into their ultimate best selves both on and off the field!

The 5-day tournament-style event will be like no other. A brief itinerary of the 5 days is below, further detail in the link provided

-Spring training style daily workouts & four guaranteed games for both the Little League & Junior League divisions. Mentoring and training led by Major Leaguers and professionals

-Daily lectures on Biomechanics, Functional fitness, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional management as well as talks on resilience & leadership (Players learn best when their entire support system is part of the process. All lectures, talks, manuals & information are recommended & targeted towards not only the athletes but the entire family)

-Complete Screen & individual player capacity testing – “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”

-Official rankings & player/team draft

-Positive Growth Mindset & Performance Anxiety Management – The biggest killer to an athlete’s success comes not on the field, but between the ears. We’ll delve into what goes on inside the athlete’s mind and how to avoid the mental traps that can keep you from being your best.

Event Details

When: Jan 2023
Where: Games Castle Glen, Castle Hill
Ages: Invite only (Little League, Junior League)
Time: 8:00am – 3:30pm

Spots are limited and via selection only. Inquire here to be considered for Legacy Unleashed Tournament selection.


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