Legacy College Pro Prep Program


This program has been designed by MLB player Trent Oeltjen and a team of world-class professionals, nutritionists, physiologists and sports psychologists to help you cut to the core of what it really takes to reach an athlete’s true potential, whilst surrounded by and competing against the best of the best.

The 5-day event is strictly invite-only for the best 16u and 18u players in the country

A brief itinerary of the 5 days

Spring Training Style Workouts and Games – Daily workouts, four games across five days against the best of the best, and mentoring and training led by Major Leaguers and professionals
Nutrition and Fitness – Daily lectures on biomechanics, functional fitness, nutrition, mental game management as well as talks on resilience and leadership. Players learn best when their entire support system is part of the process. All lectures, talks, manuals and information are recommended and targeted towards not only the athletes but the entire family.

Capacity Testing and Goal Setting – Complete screen and capacity testing

Growth Mindset and Performance Anxiety Management – One of the biggest killers to an athlete’s success comes not on the field, but between the ears. We’ll delve into what goes on inside the athlete’s mind and how to avoid the mental traps that can keep you from being your best.

Special guest speakers

Event Details

Where: Games Knights Field, Castle Hill, NSW
Ages: Invite only (15+)
Time: 8:00am – 2:30pm
*Times and location subject to change

Example day
8:00 am Early work (different players each day will be notified)
8:45 am Introduction and schedule for the day – Team Legacy scores/biomechanics
9:00 am Training Blocks 1-4 Warmup
9:30 am Vector management, light dumbbells/arm care
9:45 am Workout
11:45am Team infield/outfield
12:00pm Game
2:30 pm Recap day, schedule for tomorrow


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