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Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right

Imagine the Legacy All In Mentorship as your one-stop shop for everything you’re going to need both on and off field, mentally and physically. It’s about tapping into the life we’re preparing for and owning that state and mindset now, well before you arrive on the field at Stanford, Oregon State or Dodger Stadium.


-Weekly athlete/family workbook 1. Elite Mindset, 2. Motivation & Commitment, 3. Focus & Awareness, 4. Self-Control & Discipline, 5. Process over Outcome, 6. Meditation & Mental Imagery, 7. Routines & Habits of Excellence, 8. Time Management & Organization, 9. Leadership, 10. The Right Culture

-Weekly throwing velocity & arm care program

-Weekly functional fitness strength/speed/mobility program

-Weekly biomechanical analysis with Mustard App

-45 min individualized mental/emotional zoom call lesson each month with Trent Oeltjen.

This mentorship can change your kids entire outlook on baseball, school and life. Your family households chemistry, and everything it takes to make it to the next level.

4 month All In mentorship program delivered weekly.

$124 per week ($495 per month)

*Additional calls per month available ($100 each + monthly fee)

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What is legacy Sports text 1 (1)


How you do one thing is how you do everything.


“Being comfortable is the enemy of success, there must be friction for growth”

We’re going to get uncomfortable but if you see another level and are curious of what’s possible then this journey is for you.

I’m here to light a fire inside of you as was lit within me at a young age. This fire has been my burning light with everything I do and especially now as I share it with others.

We all need mentors in our life, a mentor is a person who believes in you a little more than you do at the initial stage and helps illuminate the path for you, shows you the way. I’m able to talk you in a certain way and connect because I’m right there in the trench with you, I’ve lived in the arena my entire life and been there through my 14 year MLB baseball career, Olympic podium, Ultra marathons and am still there each and every day.

I’m not going to simply tell you what I used to do I’m going to show you an entirely new way of life. A new lens to view challenges, setbacks, opportunity in which you can walk into any pressure situation with comlete confidence that your best self is going to step up over and over again. It’s a program of eliminating regret, taking calculated risks and going All In!!

Remember all the little things add up to make big differences

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