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Legacy Sports is an elite, wellness-first, high-performance program that holistically develops the complete athlete both on and off the field whilst preparing them to embrace all that their careers and lives at the top of their game require. The Legacy Sports program has been designed by Trent and a team of world-class, sports physiologists and psychologists, nutritionists and wellness experts to help cut to the core of what it really takes to reach your true potential and continue to grow.

Trent Oeltjen is one of Australia’s most decorated athletes and Major League Baseball players, with a career that saw him play for numerous clubs including the Arizona Diamondbacks & Los Angeles Dodgers.

Trent was part of the 2004 Athens Olympic Silver medal-winning team which saw them knock off the star-studded Japanese team twice in the tournament.

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  • Players are born with a need to learn
  • Players seek experiences that build self esteem
  • Optimism enhances players performance and learning
  • Diversity is the key to players learning and growth
  • Players learn best when their entire support system is part of the process
  • Winning at any cost is not healthy for the player, coach or team
  • Players learn better as part of a team than an individual
  • Leadership and great coaching is more of a reflection of you are than the tactics you choose
  • You cannot motivate players, you can only create an environment that inspires them to be motivated.


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